We are in the business of exceeding our customers’ expectations and look forward to the opportunity of performing your next plumbing project. We offer a variety of residential plumbing services.

  • Water Heater Repair and Install
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Sinks
  • Clogged Drains
  • Leaky Pipes
  • Faucets & Fixtures
  • Toilets
  • Bathtubs
  • Kitchen & Bath Remodels
  • And more!

Local Service You Will Be Happy To Use Again

Give Living Water Plumbing a call whenever your home is experiencing a leaky faucet or a clogged drain that is not allowing you to do laundry, wash dishes, or even shower comfortably. You have heard that we are the Best Plumbing Tulsa company and we will not disappoint you. Living Water Plumbing instills the highest level of professionalism in each of our employees and we truly enforce a “can do” attitude. Our team members are used to working in an environment of accountability and productivity, so you can rest assured that we are going to perform every option possible to fix whatever situation you may be facing with your Plumbing Tulsa. If we are coming out to do a Water Heater Installation, drain cleanser, Slab Leaks Tulsa correction, or more, you will feel a sense of welcoming and camaraderie the minute you get a knock on the door from a Living Water technician. We believe in giving the best of ourselves to our customers, so you will see for yourself why multiple clients have used us time and time again for any of their plumbing situations. Let us become a household name for you as well.

Easy To See Results at a Great Rate

It will be easy to see why we are touted as the Best Plumbing Tulsa has to offer after we perform a Plumbing Tulsa service for your home or business. The results will speak for themselves as you realize that you are never again going to have to deal with that pesky Slab Leaks Tulsa or other such unruly occurrences. Our team or professionals will so thoroughly take care of the matter that you will find yourself wondering why you didn’t call us years ago! We have solved plenty of problems for many people in the communities of Broken Arrow and Bixby as well as Tulsa. Many people call us for simple water leaks that may cause more severe problems if left unaddressed. Some call us for WaterHeater Installation, or other such issues. Luckily, when they give us a call, they know for a fact that we are the professionals who know how to assess and repair any plumbing issue. Having the expertise and equipment to properly produce great results at a fraction of the cost of the national companies is something we pride ourselves on and we know that you will love it too. Look to our other companies for the example of what you will get when you trust in Living Water Plumbing to service your plumbing needs in your home today. Not only can you rely on amazing results by hiring Living Water Plumbing, you will be able to rest easy knowing the job was completed by someone who truly cared about the precision and efficiency of the job being completed. 


Punctual Technicians to Your Appointment

Our team of Plumbing Tulsa technicians will show up to your door on time, every time, ready to solve your Best Plumbing Tulsa problems. We know how frustrating it can get to be told that you have to sit at your home and wait for a professional to come out between the hours of 7am and 5pm.  You wait for hours upon hours, only to find that you could have spent half the day at work or out with family, and met the technician later that afternoon when they finally decided to show up. We, ourselves, have been there plenty of times before and that is one of the reasons we decided to create a plumbing experience unlike the rest. Our technicians are going to tell you a time they will be there, and then surprise.. they are going to show up on time! It will be like Christmas came early! Your plumbing issues of Water Heater Installation or Slab Leaks Tulsa are going to be taken care of so quickly and affordably, you’re going to wonder if it was a dream. You can trust that the Living Water culture to provide our employees with a set of core values containing work ethic, dedication, honesty, and more, will be extended to you, our amazing clients. We continue to provide exceptional results in our industry and we will not settle for less.

Your Trusted Faith And Family Oriented Company

As an unapologetically Christian-based company, we strive to demonstrate what the Lord has done in our life by putting that dedication and sense of service into the products that we bring to our customers daily. God continues to bless us with opportunities to assist our customers and we know that because of this, we are continuously able to bring His word and sense of servant’s heart into the lives of our clients. We value the strength and resilience that is necessary to continue to provide a consistently proud yet humble kind of establishment and we want our customers to know how very thankful we are for them each and every day. It is also the mentorship that we give our clients whenever they rely on us for the industry knowledge that we are so blessed to have. Our faith and our heart of serving others is what truly brings our company together as a unified family. Our family-oriented business continues to set an unbeatable standard as the Best Plumbing Tulsa. With faith and family being the pillars of our company, we know that people with the same mindset and share the same values will absolutely love us. But even if our customers do not share our faith, we love and cherish their interactions with us as well and we hope to shed light and love onto all that we cross paths with, within our business and without. 

We Are Going to Wow You!

If you would like to know how we expect to WOW you, then hang in there, we are about to reveal our biggest secret yet. Our secret to overwhelming success and an abundance of satisfied customers is simple: we pay attention to the details. Our technicians and team members know how to work alongside our customers and walk them through the different processes. We not only pay attention to what it is that you need from us for your Plumbing Tulsa needs, but we get to know you as individuals and families as well. We are in it for the long game so we make sure we get to know who you are and what drives your life. This helps us to then provide you with an all around amazing service no matter what we may be doing for. Even simple matters like Water Heater Installation or Slab Leaks Tulsa are problems that we are going to take our time to fix because we are not only going to do it correctly the first time, but we are going to spend time making sure you are comfortable and communicated with the entire time. We know it is going to be an outstanding experience when you get your issues solved by our team. We are truly in this industry to revolutionize the way people have been treated in a subpar manner by the national plumbing companies. So let us be the ones to show you what a true Best Plumbing Tulsa company can do for you today!