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There is a reason we are the area’s most renowned Plumbing Tulsa company. At Living Water Plumbing, we strive to deliver excellence with each and every service that we offer to our customers. Because of this, we know that we can give you the ultimate and Best Plumbing Tulsa experience when you choose to allow us to WOW you with our guaranteed low prices and highly trained technicians. The fact that our Water Heater Installation services cannot be beat is simply because we not only offer each customer a free quote before the service begins, but we will take all the time you need to answer every one of your questions until you are satisfied with the services we will perform on your home or business. Plumbing is often overlooked and not thought of until the need is dire and your pipes have burst or commodes do not work correctly. Do not waste your time with other professionals in the industry. We are confident that you will thoroughly enjoy your experience with us here at Living Water Plumbing, so book your first service call for only $1 and get started with us today!


On Time Professional Plumbers at Living Water Plumbing

Our Living Water technicians make sure that they are on time and ready to serve our great clients with exceptional services because we believe being punctual shows how committed we are to you. This is going to be the best plumbing service call, and guess what.. you do not have to pay for it. It is just a few of the many things that allow us to be an exceptional company that makes multiple people leave us a positive review about our tremendous solutions such as slab leaks Tulsa repair, leaky faucets, clogged drains, gas leaks, and even Water Heater Installations. Our technicians will be on time to serve you with a helping hand, and a smiling face. Our founders are eager to know about how our company has improved your life. The Living Water Plumbing Tulsa experience is a memorable one you can be a part of. Call us first because we truly are awaiting your call this very moment to service your plumbing needs in every way. We will clean out your pipes as well as service your slow drains to extend the life of your plumbing system in the home that you raise your family. There are multiple reasons why we will dominate the plumbing industry, and our core values provide us with the guard rails to move quickly toward helping more and more of the Tulsa area with exceptional plumbers.


We know that we can offer you an unbeatable experience with all of our stellar and best Plumbing Tulsa services when you opt to work with us for any plumbing situation that may be occuring at your home or in your business. Good is never good enough with us. We push ourselves and our staff to over-deliver in every aspect of our business. So whether you are speaking with someone over the phone while trying to explain your Slab Leaks Tulsa problem, or you are scheduling your Water Heater Installation job with a highly trained serviceman, you will notice a trend of kindness, understanding, and genuine concern about your predicament. The Living Water family is consistently looked to for industry standards of excellence. We are often imitated but never duplicated. So when you are searching for the true experts in plumbing to assist you with any of your pipe and duct work, your decision to choose us will always end in your favor. If you give us the opportunity, we know we will astound you with our unwavering commitment to excellence in the Plumbing Tulsa industry.


Our customers who know of the Living Water brand can attest to the fact that we truly outshine all of the competitors in the area. We never take shortcuts and we never fall short of perfection when it comes to a service that we are delivering. Your Water Heater Installation project is in the best hands with any one of our technicians. They are relentless in pursuing the ultimate Plumbing Tulsa reputation and will not rest until the job is completed correctly. We value each and every one of our customers and refuse to leave them with anything less than abundant satisfaction, no matter what the job is they are tasked to do. Our Slab Leaks Tulsa service is one that will not disappoint, as you will receive the utmost care and lowest pricing in the industry. Being the best at what we do is not only important to us, it is something we will not stop pursuing. So even though we know that we can offer you immensely different experiences with us than what you will find in the rest of the industry, we want you to be as secure in that knowledge as we are. So you can rest assured that our services are the Best Plumbing Tulsa has to offer and we are going to offer great pricing every single time.

Our Story Continues With You

Josh and Amy Wilson began the Living Water brand many years ago in an effort to deliver exceptional services and genuine care to customers in the greater Tulsa area. After starting Living Water Irrigation in 2017, they believed that the plumbing industry also had a need for honest and fair pricing. When they did not see that occurring, they decided to create it themselves. If you are curious about what our customers have to say about us, we would be happy to send you Water Heater Installation references, Slab Leaks Tulsa testimonials, and Plumbing Tulsa reviews that our thousands of customers have left for us in the past. We continue to be the number one chosen plumbing company in the industry because our staff continuously pushes the envelope when it comes to over-delivering on services. We give the most uncomparable prices no matter what plumbing service you are in need of. Our company not only believes in exuding trust and honesty, but we refuse to deliver any communication or service that is less than reliable and fair. You, the customer, are vital to our business and we truly care about creating lasting relationships with you. So don’t hesitate to call us today. Let our faith-filled staff bring your home or business the Best Plumbing Tulsa has to offer, and call us today!